Retirement & Senior Care Facilities

Increase quality of life with tech that allows residents to easily maintain social connection with family and friends.

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The trend in residential senior care facilities is toward interactive technology that allows residents to connect with remote family and friends and stay up to date on the world around them. These amenities enhance quality of life and reduce the negative effects of social isolation.

For example, we provide installation and support services for systems like Independa for Senior Care which expands the capabilities of basic TVs, enabling residents to see family via Skype, view photos, and receive scheduled medication reminders.

"The most impressive thing about D&L was their ability to adapt to changing environments. The scope of this project presented numerous opportunities for quick, decisive, and correct decision making. D&L consistently showed that they were capable of maintaining the hospital's best interest as they worked alongside the other trades. No delays, changes, or scheduling challenges were ever a major problem to D&L."

Steven La Belle, Project Manager, St. John Health System

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