Persona 10

P E R S O N A 10

Persona 10

Thoughtful design for caring environments

The Persona brand brings a new standard of excellence and caring design to healthcare entertainment systems. Uniquely designed just for healthcare environments — including hospitals, dialysis clinics and nursing homes — the Digital Persona10 LCD Personal Television offers a sleek and state-of-the-art alternative to bulky, spacehungry, wall- mounted 20 inch CRT TVs. The friendly, approachable design and ergonomic controls provide a

user experience. With its sharp, bright display, high-tech appearance, and thin profile, it is the perfect enhancement for individual patient applications. Plus, its long-lasting components, flexible user features, ease of maintenance and competitive pricing provide strong business advantages for facility managers today … and far into the future.

Designed exclusively for Healthcare applications – not a converted consumer product or dual-purpose commercial unit

ADA Compliant, hermetically sealed and medical grade membrane keypad features direct channel access with last channel recall and patient activated closed captioning.

Hospital UL and cUL approved. Meets healthcare industry standards with AC or DC power via a single Coax cable.

A better, more personal view – state-ofthe- art LCD Panel provides high resolution, high contrast images across a very wide viewing angle.

Speakers can be programmed for use with earphones, or left on for patient and guest convenience.

Easier installation and maintenance – the lightweight Persona10 integrates easily with existing PDI 500 Series Arms, and PDI Central or Individual Power Supplies.

Anti-glare lexan screen cover protects the LCD screen while making cleaning easier and safer.

Long lasting – The LCD Panel is rated for 50,000 hours. That’s 11 years of typical use. Plus, the screen quality won’t degrade over time like CRTs.

Economical operation – The Persona10 is an ENERGY STAR qualified TV, which means lower power consumption for a healthier environment.

Made in the USA – The Persona10 was designed by PDI Engineers and is produced in the USA in a state-of-the-art, ISO certified facility.

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The leader in advanced entertainment solutions for healthcare

The digital revolution is here…

Thin is in – With the HD revolution upon us, standard CRT TVs will soon be viewed as old technology. By replacing your old CRT TVs with the Persona10, you communicate a commitment to technology and design while creating a positive impression for your total facility.

Thin is easier – Since the Persona10 is so thin and light (under 7 pounds for the entire display) it can be moved and positioned by the patient with greater ease and stability. Plus, the reduced weight places less stress on the arm and mounting bracket for increased safety and reduced maintenance.

Thin is better – The Persona10 can be positioned flat against the wall and out of the patient’s and caregivers’ way like no other personal TV on the market today. A fantastic picture conveniently within reach when you need it… and completely out of the way when you don’t.

Thin is now – The digital revolution is here, and PDi is the company that will help you move into the future. For 25 years, our focus has been exclusively on entertainment solutions specifically designed for the Healthcare Market, and sold and supported by knowledgeable, trained experts.

Better solutions are within reach

For 25 years PDi Communications has been serving the Healthcare Market with high quality personal televisions, positioning systems and power distribution systems. In 2001 we introduced the first Arm Mounted LCD TV/Monitor for Healthcare applications, and in 2003 we introduced the Persona9, the latest in Personal Healthcare Television.

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Persona10 Specifications


  • Enhanced viewing angles: Horiz=110°; Vert = 110°
  • 20ms response time for super crisp video
  • Crisp, bright picture 350 cd/m2
  • 400:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 640X 480 Resolution
  • 16.7 Million Colors
  • 4H Digital Comb Filter for Color fidelity


  • ATSC/ NTSC/ QAM in the Clear Tuner
  • Teletext, Closed Caption
  • Multi Lingual Menu and On Screen Display
    (English, Spanish or French)
  • Programmable Start Channel allows television to be programmed to specific start-up channel every time set is turned on.
  • Speaker Enable/Disable- internal speaker can be switched off allowing sound to only come through earphone jack.
  • Energy Star Qualified


  • UL listed for Hospital use in both US and Canada (UL6500)
  • Stylish design with ADA Compliant front mounted controls.
  • Cabinet back and sides are contoured for aesthetic look and feel.
  • Cabinet has integral handle to allow patients easy positioning of television for optimum viewing.
  • Anti-Glare Lexan screen covering guards against patient tampering with LCD screen.
  • Slim profile… only 3.25” thin.

The leader in advanced entertainment solutions for healthcare