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New devices are expanding content options and lowering costs.

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TV doesn’t just mean TV anymore. There are many ways you can get content onto that display up on the wall in a patient room, and a lot of options for what to display beyond basic TV channels.

Software, media servers, and other devices allow providers to offer an enormous amount of programming options while continuing to let patients on the other end to control the experience in a familiar, TV-like way. Providing patients with more options and greater control leads to higher satisfaction.

Even better, these systems don’t have to be complex or expensive (especially compared to existing, enterprise-scale interactive systems).

These days, you can get a lot from a little with proper content management. We can get you there.

Content options include:

  • RSS Feeds of Web Content
  • Static Slides (cafe menus, etc.)
  • Music
  • Information from a Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Tourist Information
  • Traditional TV Programming
  • Web Video

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