Digital Signage & Wayfinding

Make life easier for patients and visitors with advanced signage and navigation systems.

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Take the frustration out of your visits. Digital signage and wayfinding systems offer medical facilities the ability to help visitors navigate unfamiliar places and better understand the options available while they are there.

In smaller facilities, displaying a basic map with some directions might be all that visitors need. Larger medical campuses might employ a more powerful system that allows people to select a destination and then displays the route (or sends directions to their phone).

New display technology offers many other opportunities beyond navigation. Digital menu boards in a quick serve restaurant easily switch from breakfast to lunch and update to include new items. A digital donor wall in the reception area highlights local supporters. These display “canvases” can be used in limitless ways to support the mission of the healthcare facility.

As with all our solutions, the end goal of these systems is to create a positive experience for patients, caretakers, and visitors alike.

Some of the many options available:

  • Interactive Wayfinding and Directions
  • Static Wayfinding and Maps
  • Smartphone Integration
  • In room Whiteboards
  • Donor Walls
  • Interactive Walls
  • Digital Signs
  • Menu Boards

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