Digital Art for Healthcare

Bring the lively variety of art and nature into your facility to disrupt monotony.

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Waiting is commonly viewed as a negative experience, but digital art, with the ability to pull from virtually unlimited sources of content, has the ability to change that perception.

D&L provides digital art displays in order to provide a unique, and potentially ever-changing, way to engage those in waiting spaces or other areas of your facility. Art has a particular way to pique curiosity and interest, providing an effective and positive escape from the mundane.

According to ASHE’s Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence Guide on Patient Experience, displaying art, especially images of nature, correlates with improved HCAHPS ratings for pain management, cleanliness of the hospital,  overall hospital rating, and willingness to recommend a hospital.

Changing at the pace you choose, art displays give people the ability to engage in something that keeps their mind busy if they want to, without being overly stimulating.

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