Diagnostic and Surgical Monitors

Improve clinical decision-making and efficiency with low-cost diagnostic monitors.

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Because of our long-standing close relationships with medical technology providers, we are often able to give our clients access to cutting edge solutions. Diagnostic and surgical monitors are a perfect example.

Display powerhouses such as LG are entering the diagnostic monitor market, leveraging manufacturing economies of scale to introduce reliable, yet affordable displays to radiology and surgical use cases.

Now, affordable displays are available for clinical review areas in which detail visibility is important.  While they do not offer the same resolutions as high-end radiology equipment, these monitors are designed to allow a doctor or clinician to verify the existence of an issue before referring it to radiology for an official diagnosis.

LG’s surgical and clinical review monitors, for example, offer UltraHD (4k) resolution, brightness stabilization, and DICOM part 14 compliant grayscale rendering for a more precise clinical review.

We are excited for the potential these new diagnostic and surgical monitors have to improve patient experience by reducing treatment time and improving diagnostic accuracy.

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