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When it comes to video and communication in a healthcare facility, the details make the difference. Our many years of experience have taught us to think through all the little details that others miss. We work with our clients to answer questions like:

  • What’s the flow of people through this space? Would a video screen disrupt or improve that flow?
  • Where would audio enhance the experience, and where would it hurt?
  • What kind of content or information is going to be displayed here? Will it change? How often?
  • Will this be a static display or can people interact with it? Should they?
  • Will the clinician need to bring things up on this screen, or is the TV only for the patient?
  • Should the TV mount be fixed or flexible? Where should the controller go?
  • Do we need USB ports or outlets for people’s devices in this space? If so, where, and how many?

Answering these questions, and the many others that inevitably arise, can seem overwhelming – especially when the answers can have such a significant impact on the experience of patients and visitors. We have the expertise to provide quick and optimal answers that produce excellent results. That’s why so many healthcare facilities across the country have come to rely on D&L.

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