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All those patient room TVs and personal monitors aren’t much good if they can’t reliably display a clear picture. If you have ever tried to watch your favorite show only to have it ruined by muddiness or digital artifacts you know how frustrating signal problems can be. These issues are amplified by today’s larger, higher resolution screens which show flaws more clearly.

D&L provides the engineering experience that clinics and hospital facilities need to design and install effective content distribution systems.

When it comes to content infrastructure there are a number of variables to consider. For example, traditional RF systems must be engineered so that the signal coming from the source equipment is strong enough to get out to all devices. With RF over category cable, the source is smart and it self-calibrates for the given distance and resistance.

We advise our clients on cost and performance considerations and work with architects and facility planners to help you make the right infrastructure decisions for today, and years down the road.

Our experience enables flexible options:

  • RF Over Coax Cable
  • RF Over Category/Twister Pair Cable (Z-Band)
  • IP Distribution

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