Audio/Video Planning & Installation

Create more effective, engaging spaces with our consultative approach to a/v system design.

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Plenty of companies can give you a construction checklist with all the items you need to set up a projector in a conference room. At D&L, we take a different approach. Working together with you, we carefully consider use cases and patient experience to provide a consultative a/v service that results in an optimal experience.

We’ll ask questions about seating arrangements, screen angles, and the type of devices you may want to connect. All users of the space are considered as well as flow. Beyond that, we’ll help you look down the technology road a few years, to help future-proof your facility.

A/V Design Service

Our A/V design service includes a full suite of products from simple projectors to advanced control systems:

  • Projectors
  • Audio Speakers and Wiring
  • Screens
  • Monitors
  • Connectivity
  • Control Systems

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